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Finding a suitable candidate is the second most difficult task for talent acquisition teams, only next to closing an offer.

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Join Ratio

Offers released on have 50% higher join ratio.*

56 %


85 %


[*] Measured with data on a sample size of 1250

Intelligent Offer Closing


Offer Experience

Differentiate your offer with our enhanced offer experience designed to to bring the best of an offer


Built-in Security

Issue tamper-proof offer letters with download protection and take ID verified, digital signatures on offer letters


Hiring Predictability

Get predictability in joining with our AI tools creating a personalized workflow and a powerful nudge

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Digital Onboarding

Remotely verify, onboard and digitally collect all documents and signatures from the employees

Contact us companies save more than 30%* in hiring cost.

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* This does not include the opportunity cost of not finishing critical projects in time.

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