Blockchain eLocker

for employment records.

Securing your records on results in higher retention, keeps unpredictable behaviour in check and your brand safe from impostors.

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Use tools to increase the join-ratio and gain a deeper insight into you hiring.

Image Description companies experience 10% higher retention.

Secure your employee records
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Documents are

Transparent, Immutable, and Cryptographically Verifiable


Digitally Signed

Send digitally signed documents like offer letters, experience certificates and get digital signatures in a click


Tamper Proof

Keep your brand, employees and customers safe by issuing tamper-proof documents with


Available Forever

Documents stored in cloud blockchain are available forever and can be securely accessed anytime

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Access Controlled

Get complete control of documents with granular access control policies like public, private and protected

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Join Ratio

Offers released using tools have 50% higher join ratio.*

39 %


64 %


[*] Measured with data on a sample size of 750


250+ companies have secured their employment records

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