Our companies see a 50% increase in the join ratio on average. Don't be surprised, if you see your join ratio jumping by more than 50%
Companies see lesser incidences of short term employments and informal exits, because the employment records can be verified by future employers. Hence the higher retention.
Adding an existing employee results in higher retention and we highly recommend it. However, it is at the discretion of the company
You can add your ex-employees on HireSure and generate tamper-proof experience certificates. The employments informatio can be securely verified with a QR code printed on the experience certificate
We do employment, education, address and court record check. Check your package details for inclusions/exclusions.


You can use Request Revision button on your offer page. The company will be informed about your request
No. A company will not know, if you have an offer in hand. However, you need to decline the current offer, in case, you want to accept the new offer
We do a realtime PAN verification. Sometimes the name printed in the PAN card does not match with the registered name. If the name in AADHAR is differrent from that in PAN, it is likely that your PAN name is updated with AADHAR name. Please call us or email us if you face any issue in verification.
It is okay to decline an offer. Please understand that another candidate may be waiting for this job and your delay in declining will impact both the company and the other candidate.

Security & Privacy

All offer letters are stored on a secured cloud infrastructure. You can request us to delete all offer letters at any point of time.
No, the offer letter and its details are not shared with any company.
No, company specific details about the current employee strength or the offer details are confidential and are not visible to anyone other than the company representatives.
We ensure that the salary/CTC details provided on the platform are completely secure and are not accessible to any other company.
The data provided by the Employer and the Candidate is stored as per regulations. It is stored within the country (AWS, Mumbai Servers).
ID details taken from the Candidate by HireSure are stored using one-way encryption to maintain privacy and security. This doesn’t allow HireSure or anyone else on the platform to retrieve ID details.


If you do not receive registration mail within 10 minutes, please contact us here or send an e-mail to suppot[@]
There is no restriction on the number of users. ThefFirst registration becomes super admin for the company and she needs to verify the subsequent users.
Any existing company user can be made a super admin. Please send an e-mail to us from the super admin email id.
SVG is a preferred format. There are free online tools that can convert jpg/png to svg.


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