HireSure is an integrated platform to release offers, communicate and engage with the candidates. More than 500 leading startups and corporates use HireSure.
HireSure forces the offers on the platform to be transparent and give details of non-financial benefits. Arci, our intelligence offer assistant is designed to give you answers to most of the queries you may have. You are better equipped to take a decison with HireSure offers.
No. Details of individual chats is not shared with companies. We however, given them anonymised feedback to improve the process.
Arci can answer most of your question. It is still learning. You can ask questions about the offer, the company or place request like extending your joining date.
You can ask Arci about offer and other benefits before taking a call. In case you have decided, it is advisable to inform the company as early as possible. Some other candidate, may be waiting for his dream job in this company.
It is important that you decline on HireSure platform and give a reason if possible. HireSure is integrated with leading ATSs and you action may initiate hiring of a replacement immidiately.
No. A company will not know if you have an offer in hand. However, you need to decline the current offer, in case, you want to accept the new offer
You can send a mail to or call the support number given for your country.
Never. HireSure is a paid platform. We make money by providing integrated offer workflow and engagement. We, however, use anonymised data for our machine learning and giving feedabck to companies.


We will give you two. Companies on see significant reduction in time to hire and a jump in join ratio. There are many more reason to use HireSure. You can do a small pilot and compare the results.
HireSure provides an offer experience pages which gives graphical salary breakup, company culture, benefits and many other things which a traditional offer fails to highlight.
Oh No. You can create many templates and all you have to enter is few details. Offer pdf with detailed compensation table is generated automatically.
No. HireSure provides a way to capture ID verified digital signature of the candidates.
Arci is intelligent enough to pick details about offers, take actions etc. There are some policy related questions which you need to answer to make it more efficient.
No. All the interactions with Arci are confidential. We will however provide you anonymised feedbacks like issues with policies, salary structures etc.
HireSure provides many pre-built templates to communicate, engage and collect information from candidates post offer acceptance. You can use any of these or create you own template


HireSure is ISO 27001 certified for security & privacy. All offer letters are stored on a secured cloud infrastructure with multi level access.
Yes. A company admin can define roles and accesses for all other users.
No, the offer letter and its details are not shared with any company.
You cannot and you should not. As a matter of fact, our model suggests that there is no correlation between joining probablity and past joining behavior. Focus on identifying any fundamental issue you may have for your poor join ratio. HireSure can help you with these insights


If you do not receive registration mail within 10 minutes, please contact us here or send an e-mail to suppot[@]
There is no restriction on the number of users. The first registration becomes admin for the company and she needs to verify the subsequent users.
You should update Authorized Signatory, company id, and other details if you are using automated offer templates or relieving/experience certificates.
SVG is a preferred format. There are free online tools that can convert jpg/png to svg.


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