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Founder & CEO

Vineet Dwivedi

Vineet is a graduate from IIT Kanpur with more than 15 years of experience in building large scale data-driven platforms in the cloud. A passionate programmer, he spends his free time ... in coding.

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Co-Founder & Head of Products

Anshul Mishra

A graduate from IIT Kanpur, Anshul started his career as a data analyst. A high altitude trekker, he loves to disappear for few days in an year in the high mountains.

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Co-Founder & Head of Operations

Yashwanth Jembige

Yashwanth is an engineering graduate with more than 20 years of experience in managing large businesses. A former state level TT player, he likes to spend time in travelling and photography.

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Co-Founder & Head of Business

Ramesh Konatham

With an Aerospace Engineering degree from IIT Kanpur, Ramesh does not believe in anything that goes less than Mach 1. He has spent more more than 15 years helping companies build their IT solutions across the world.