Build a Rewarding Experience for Your Top Talent Immune to Economic Instability

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Without much further ado, let’s dive right in.

Understanding the Space of Total Rewards 🏆💸🧑‍💼

But, there’s a catch! If the fuel you’ve used isn’t enough or the right kind, it can make your rocketship crash as well.

To put it simply, Total Rewards is about discerning the needs of your employees and designing their compensation and benefits (both tangible and non-tangible) in a way that resonates with the expectations of your workforce. 

How Total Rewards Has Survived the Test of Time

Back in the 19th century, recruitment, training, and management of workers was an inconsequential operation for businesses.

Due to the employers’ disregard, workers in the early 20th century sanctioned themselves into unions to get their point across (organisations needed to consider providing holistic work experience rather than just base pay).

The ultimate result of this change: 

We now operate in an employee-driven HR industry.

Significantly, the Gen Z workforce today has redefined the parameters of how rewards and benefits 🏆work for them.

And the most notable difference from then to now is the growth in non-monetary rewards:


Given the mass uprising (just kidding), but given what the workforce really needs now, the rewards structure especially after the pandemic hit has been refurbished to focus on:

🫶Employee wellness 

⚖️Work-life balance 


Bonusly showcased the results of a poll that demonstrated that 65% of respondents would be motivated to work harder if they were duly appreciated by the management

😌Mental health 

More than 60% of employees would significantly improve the eNPS if their organisation took initiatives to promote mental well-being

📈Professional development 

💪 What would a Solid Total Rewards Strategy mean for your Organisation?

So, let’s dive in and have a look at some of the unique aspects of Google’s total rewards structure

🤝Thank you’s are important 

They encourage peer-to-peer recognition by sending thank-you notes to show appreciation and promote a healthy work culture.

📈Progressive career development programs 

This involves numerous initiatives like workshops, mentorship programs, online courses, job rotations, and so much more.

😌Ease of work

Google is known for creating a workspace where employees would want for almost nothing. Extravagantly generous, their benefits include nap pods, fitness facilities, shuttle services, free Google products, on-site childcare, and more.

💰Setting the salaries of its employees at the 90th percentile

They are just as competitive when it comes to providing cash compensation to their employees and choose to dominate the salary landscape.


Employee satisfaction for Google employees has risen by 37% as a result of their employee wellness initiatives (Warwick University Research)

👀 How Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a good way of Looking at Total Rewards 

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

The pyramid of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs visualises a comprehensive picture of human needs from physiological to psychological.

If you look at the structure carefully, the hierarchy of job expectations works similarly in major workforces.

💡Hot Tip Creating your total rewards structure while keeping in mind the order of priorities dictated by “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” will help you leverage the most out of a rewards strategy. 

Real-life Examples of Exceptional Total Rewards Strategy in Organisations

  • Patagonia‘s unique approach includes offering 60 days of paid leave for employees to intern with environmental activist groups, as well as comprehensive benefits such as flexible work hours, on-site childcare, organic food options and free yoga.

    Additionally, if an employee is arrested during a peaceful protest, Patagonia will pay for their bail.
  • Despite offering comparatively modest salaries, Costco Wholesale is known for its exceptional treatment of its employees, including benefits such as healthcare and retirement plans.
  • Netflix is recognized for its forward-thinking and benevolent total rewards strategy, including benefits such as unrestricted paid time off, limitless parental leave, adaptable work arrangements, stock options, performance bonuses, and a complimentary subscription to Netflix.
  • Cisco ranked 18th in the 2020 Forbes List of the World’s Best Employers. They are also known for initiating “Connected Recognition”, a global peer-to-peer rewards and recognition program.   
  • Siemens made an impact with its “You Answered” that allows cross-recognition with e-cards and redeemable points.

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What Experts Think 

Varun Tandon, Dunzo

“During times of economic uncertainty, a strong total rewards strategy can be a key differentiator in attracting and retaining top talent.

By offering a comprehensive package that includes competitive compensation, benefits, and opportunities for career development, organisations can build a loyal, engaged workforce.”

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