Employee Well-being: The Secret Sauce for Business Resilience in Tough Times

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🧬 The Evolution of Employee Well-being

Workplace wellness is a high-priority concern for HR professionals today, but the sad truth is it was not always like this. 

Back in the day, companies were not just stingy about dolling out employee wellness programs, some employers were outright sabotaging the health of their employees.

Effects of a solid employee well-being strategy

🦸 How Employee Well-being can be Your Hero in the Current Economic Climate?

The pandemic turned out to be an era that tapped into some eye-opening (and not in a good way) struggles in the HR industry:

😴A reactive nature

🧑‍💻Lack of scalable technology

📊Manual collection of data (usually prone to fluctuation within short periods of time)

And these factors significantly interfered with a smooth employee experience. Today’s workforce also reflected this sentiment as they felt 2020 was the most stressful year of their working lives (Oracle and Workforce Intelligence Report).

As a result, the whole scenario shifted the focus towards one of the most hush-hush topics of the employment industry: 

Mental Health!

What experts say about employee well-being

⚔️ But How Do We Dodge the Double-Edged Sword of Current Economic Downturn

For businesses, the pandemic wreaked havoc on economic fronts and so much so that companies are still grappling to recover from the financial hit.

In such a case, many enterprises are stuck between a rock and a hard place where they want to promote employee wellness initiatives but do not have the resources to do so.

So, with the right intent, nothing is impossible.

In fact, Future Workplace has carved out 7 Pillars to steer the HR leaders on the right path for curating the best employee wellness programs.

Create a culture of workplace flexibility

A lot of companies out there have used these pillars as their guiding principles while documenting and implementing their employee well-being initiatives.

And we’re going to have a look at their secret recipe for how to keep your employees happy!


🧘HealthWise’s Reflection on How Employees can be Well

The company conducts monthly meetings where a report is presented on active wellness programs running at that moment. They also have an “Annual Wellness Day” where the employees are motivated towards adopting a healthier lifestyle. 

Every alternate Wednesday, they invite their employees to improve cross-team connections by sharing a healthy snack with their colleagues.

📈Business Priorities of Chevron

They have categorised 60-70% of their jobs as safety-sensitive and hence they have tied fitness for employees to their business objectives with the guiding principle:

“Healthy Workers are Safe Workers”

Their initiatives focus on cardiovascular health, a repetitive-stress-injury prevention program, fitness centres and more.
Chevron is also known for providing regular “stretch breaks” to their employees for improved physical activity.

🍀Biltmore’s Comprehensive Take on Employee Wellness

Biltmore is one of the organisations that understand that well-being is not limited to physical fitness. 

As an illustration, Biltmore extends a nondenominational chaplain service that is available round the clock to help its employees and immediate family members navigate through difficult times. 

The service is geared towards providing support for a variety of issues such as divorce, serious illness, death and grief recovery and more.

Biltmore places great emphasis on confidentiality, ensuring that the services provided are confidential, voluntary and free of cost.

They also have bi-annual 2-day long fitness fairs where they encourage their employees to include all forms of wellness into their lifestyle.

📝 Summary

Here, we are going to summarise a few pointers for all the leaders who want to revamp their employee wellness strategy. All you need to do is focus on the following:

😌 Giving your employees the right work flexibility

📆 Do away with unpredictable and inconsistent work schedules

🙍 Always be on point with your staffing requirements

🎓 Encourage your managers to complete leadership training programs

🤝 Improve social belongingness amongst your employees

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